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Tantric Dance is an active meditation that was developed by Art of Loving in 2007. Since then it has grown into a extensive path towards conscious embodied self awareness.
For more information please visit our TD Explanation page.



We believer Tantric Dance is for everyone! Even if you are not so much a dancer, this tool is a beautiful way to play, learn, experience and grow. Everybody can learn it within five minutes. Once the core basics are explained, you are ready to go and explore yourself. We have found out that by simply doing it yourself, you learn much faster, it is a lot more fun and you can grow very quickly. You will learn then it is so much more then dance, moving bodies and trying to do it right. There are many layers to it and each dance is unique, that is why people keep coming back for more even after doing Tantric Dance for over 10 years.

Checkout our TD Growthpath page.

We send important information through our mailinglist, this is the best way to stay updated about new events and background information.
It is best to register for the TD NEWS mailinglist, but it is in Dutch. There are also letters about our Community group, Belgium and many places in the Netherlands.

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Tantric Dance starter

When you wish to tryout Tantric Dance, the most fun way is participating in:
- TD Celebration, these are fun events on Saturday evenings where you can start very quickly and have nice dances together in an playful atmosphere.
- TD Experience, during this workshops you are helped in many ways and ask questions if needed. The best way to learn the basics of Tantric Dance and be guided and supported in your learning process:
- TD Basics online video, here you get all the required info to start well on your TD journey.

Tantric Dance experienced

When you know all the basics of giving and receiving and have danced quite a number of times. You are now ready to join more options:
- TD Community, where experienced dancers join regularly, to connect with each other and have fun, there is mainly dancing together here.
- TD Deepening group, where you dance regularly with the same people for a period of time. Here you dive deep into the TD.
- TD Masterclass, here you explore the deeper layers of TD by focussing more on energy exchange and opening channels of energy within yourself. (hosted only a few times a year).
There are also other creative event titles we use for various themes.

Tantric Dance advanced

When you have been dancing for an extended period of time and TD has become natural for you or participated in the TD Deepening group you are able to join:
- TD Community Advanced, this is a private group of dancers that have TD flowing in their veins. You meet each other regularly but whenever you can.
- TD Intimi, this is our most advanced group, where people join for a full season  as much as possible with a fixed group to explore and experiment together.

We are hosting events in various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can find an overview of our events here.
There is also a TD International FaceBook page.

Each person has a different starting point and way they progress after our events. We often have people joining our TD Deepening group a couple of times, since it can take time to really embody the practice and teaching we provide. We have also seen people click, with everything very fast without any prior tantric experience.
We also encouage you to go to our TD Experience classes, there you get instant feedback and all the information you need for progress. We also provide personal coaching sessions, you can book that here.


There are some basic requirements in order to progress with Tantric Dance or you will not yet be able to join our more experienced groups.

1) Being well connected with your own body and energy.
2) Being able to keep the dance flowing, with either energy or movement.
3) Being in tune with your dance partner and feel you are connected.
4) Being able to connect with your own feeling(s) and share about them.
5) Being able to express your boundaries and body limitations.
6) Being present at all times, not drifting off or becoming contracted/frozen.
7) Being able to contain and be present with your own processes.


The Tantric Dance community is meeting platform where we interact, meet and dance together. We have online meetups, what's app interaction and of ofcourse our live events. These are Sunday dance evenings of experience dancers, with the main focus to dance with each other, share experiences and help each other grow in a safe environment. There is extra attention given to safety and a relaxed atmosphere. It is also a great way to interact and socialize with each other.
There can be a potluck gathering, a nice break in the evening to socialize and there is a moment of sharing ones dance experience with each other. You get to know each other with and beyond words.

If you would like to participate in this private TD Community event, you need to apply for a free membership by registering here. Only when you have enough dance experience you are allowed to participate in these TD Community events.

When you regularly participate in the Tantric Dance evening, it is wise to take our payed Membership.

TD Silver Membership
With this month membership you can buy one presale ticket per event for €3,-. This discount is offered for these events: TD Experience, TD Celebration, TD Community.

TD Gold Membership
With this season/year membership you can buy one presale ticket per event for half price. This discount is offered for these events: TD Experience, TD Celebration, TD Community, TD Masterclass, TD Intimi.
This can give you a big discount!

Our TD Deepening group is one of the best ways to really develop with Tantric Dance over a period of time with a fixed group of people. We have developed a strong stepping stone program where we guide you through important theme's in order to develop and really become a strong guider in dance and also surrender fully without losing your safety and boundaries. It always relates back to your daily life and is so much more then learning to have fun dances together. It is a lifechanging path toward more pleasure, strong boundaries, amazing exchanges and activated life force.

In order to participate, it does require some experience with Tantric Dance and we have a short screening to see if you are a match for the group we are creating.
Visit our TD Deepening group page for more information and upcoming starting date. You can only start with the deepening series from the beginning.

We have developed a free TD introduction E-book, that explains many things about Tantric Dance. We really recommend reading it to know many interesting details about TD.
This E-book is freely given when you register your TD Community account on our website. You can find this here.

We have also developed a TD Deepening E-Book, this is shared when you participate in our TD Deepening group.

We offer live personal coaching, this can help you make a good leap in development or move out of stuck and repeating patterns. When connection doesn't flow well, this often relates to blockages in energy or behavioural patterns that do not work. Since these patterns run automatically and unconscious, it takes extra time, special attention and care to recognize them and free your body/system from them. With dedicated guidance you can make tremendous shifts. This is best done with a few sessions. You can place a booking here.

We offer online video courses, so you can understand how Tantric Dance works and get very clear explanation about it.

TD Basics course subjects
1. Chakra Dance Journey, 2. Breathe, 3. Be in your center, 4. Coordinate with the other, 5. Indicate boundaries, 6. Dealing with rejection, 7. Dealing with triggers, 8. Sensitivity.

Visit our online video page with free videos and more information.

There are a few principles that make this couple dance, Tantric Dance:

1) There is one who creates the dance and one who receives in the dance. We call this playing with polarities. The one who receives has the eyes closed and can be blindfolded to support the surrendering.
2) Each dance is a unique creation between two people, there are no fixed moves or mandatory postures. Everything is possible but we do not touch sexual areas of the body and it is with clothes on.
3) It is a tool to become conscious, embodied, grounded and present. It's focus lies in the energy exchange of giving&receiving and becoming aware of one's own internal processes.
4) There is no goal, one way or achievement. There is no focus on good or bad, since everything can be fuel for a person's conscious development. It is about learning to dance with everything that arises in you.
5) In a deeper sense it is about dancing with life, being able to steer and give direction, but also being able to receive and surrender. Not only during the workshop, but in daily life and with all facets of life.
6) It is an active meditation, where you are invited to look inward without judgement or need to change anything, but simply see what is there. Sometimes we abruptly stop the music, in order to go into this meditative state and emphasize this.
7) Anything that arises during TD is a mirror that is reflecting something to be seen, felt and experienced. This might also cause resentment, projection and body reactions. This is part of the Tantric Dance and is not to be avoided.
8) It is always with two people, tuned in with one another. The creator of the dance is inviting (not pushing/pulling) the one who receives into movement, keeping in touch with the receiver how it is being received.
9) Everyone is always in their own authority. There is no (group) pressure being given to dance (with somebody) when this doesn't feel right or is not willing to do so. Also the dance can always be stopped at any given time.
10) Safety always has the highest priority. With the room where is being danced, the people and their clothing, jewerly and body limitations. And there is a zero tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, medicines or other intoxicans.

Life is a playful dance of existence, if you learn to dance with it all and let energies move through your body as you dance, your full potential becomes awakened by doing this and all separation of the outer world is able to dissolve.


There are many Tantric aspects within Tantric Dance, some of them are:

- Life is polarity; Yin & Yang, Man & Female, Mother & Father and in Tantra this is called Shiva & Shakti. When Shiva dances with Shakti. life starts to flow naturally, where polarity can be seen as one, as it was never separated.

- Each person has a masculine and feminine side within. You can actively experience this when you lead or receive in the Tantric Dance. Then you can develop both the inner masculine and feminine to become more in balance with them.

- When you dance with somebody, it is not so much about who the person is, you dance with. The emphasis lies on what is being touched or what arises within yourself. That is why you might not always know with who you dance.

- The seven Chakra System is very much intertwined with Tantric Dance. In order to flow naturally with energy in your body while dancing, you will need to be in touch with your Chakra's (energy wheels/centers). We bring emphasis opening energy pathways through the body.

- There is no goal or level to obtain. There is simply consciousness arising. That is why Tantric Dance is not focused on fixing or improving somebody. These are by products of the consciousness that is being expanded and recognized.

- The subconscious is part of the dance. You can be touched, triggered, agitated or even upset. It is all welcome in the dance and can be transformed into a flow of energy. Different types of energy can be used within the TD and can be transformed.

- Silencing the mind and thoughts. When you are constantly (over)thinking, it helps to dance and become more connected with your own body by touching somebody else. It is a deep tantric practice that happens by itself, effortlessly.

- Dance through life. If you are able to move and dance with all that life throws at you, you are able to stay joyous, full of energy and resilient. Practicing TD is learning how to breath properly, stay connected with your body and not to take life serious.

For many years we have personally been training new TD teachers, but since Tantric Dance has been growing so much these years, we are now offering a intensive TD Teachertraining for seven days. This way new teachers are being deployed worldwide in order to supply the growing demand for Tantric Dance events.

At the moment the TD Teacher training is being offered in Amsterdam, visit this page for more information.
We are also working on a online TD teachertraining course.

We love to hear your experiences of Tantric Dance. We have a special FaceBook group where people share their personal experiences on it. You can find this here.


If you would love to have Tantric Dance being shared in your venue, community, program or festival. We love to share TD all over the world, we have already been to many places to share this amazing type of partner-dance.
Please leave your info and details with us on the next page, so we can discuss travel expenses, fee and your plans.

We created a Spotify account where we share our favorite Tantric Dance music tracks and playlists. There is also a TD Community lists where you can add your favorite TD music for other people to listsen.

Music is a very important element with Tantric Dance, the quality of our workshops also comes from the special playlists we have created over the many years.

Visit our TD Music page or our TD Spotify account.

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