Tantric Dance & Corona protocol

To participate in our activities, you must submit a health statement to us before the start. The link to this online form will be sent by email after the event registration.

As a registerede dance school at Dansondernemers Nederland, we adhere to the regulations set out in the Basic Protocol for the Dance Sector document (Dutch). Furthermore, we adhere to the guidelines drawn up by the RIVM regarding COVID-19:

If keeping the 1.5 meter distance prevents normal dance practice, the 1.5 meter distance may be temporarily released while dancing.


What is Tantric Dance?

A free dance form where there is one who leads (creates) the dance, and one who receives (surrenders) in the dance. The one who receives has the eyes closed and sharpens the other senses in order to be guided. It is playful interaction between two people that through dance become aware of their inner world and body.

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27 - 03 sep

♡ Tantric Dance Teacher Training 2021 ♡

10:30 - 17:00 Conscious Studio, derde wittenburgerdwarsstraat 1E, Amsterdam

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16 - 20 aug

Erotic temple initiation * couple retreat

11:00 - 16:00 Centrum Athanor, Lochem

Blogs by teachers
Different Dance Styles (Esther)

Dance brings freedom to your mind and body, but which dance form do you choose?

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