TD intimi
Tantric Dance Intimi

There is great potential in using the Tantric Dance to embody tantric wisdom. Through the body, Tantric wisdom can be experienced and this way it can be incorporated into daily life. At 'normal' Tantric Dance workshops, there is room for staying on safe ground and within safe borders. Here they are either bent or crossed to explore the unknown.


In the intimates group, we look for depth by proposing themes that are important to you. We share a deep form of trust, transparency and security. In the dance you are challenged to step out of your comfort zone and look for boundaries. People cry, scream and laugh. By expressing what is going on at the moment you will be guided on the way in.

We use the dance as meditation and use the senses as a gateway to the 'higher', the 'Divine', 'energy'. The focus is not on the senses, pleasure, convenience, etc. But beyond. Our body is a sacred temple in which the kundalini energy wants to be united with the cosmic kundalini.


Not getting stuck in preferences, what I want, what I need, etc. We use duality to see through and go beyond it. To focus on the silence and the emptiness, the space of the moment. In this way we see through the Mind and the Ego. And we experience who we really are.

The beauty of the Tantric Dance intimate is that you 'can lose control'. That you run into a 'limit' that you would normally shy away from. Only when you have reached that limit: then your Spiritual Practice begins ... Then you are challenged to reinvent yourself. Making new choices that lead to liberation. Liberation from old conditioning. Spirituality and Sexuality go hand in hand in the Tantric Dance. Rakesh is there to preserve that Sacred Space. It is not just fun or daring dance afternoons, it is meant for transformation - to 'open to the Divine', this is the approach of the Intimi group, and we love it!

Hosted by Rakesh

Participation is by invitation and only for experienced TD dancers when seats are available.
Do you believe that you belong here, please register with the button below. When your motivation to participate touches us, we create one an appointment to dance and meet with you. This way we feel whether you are that experienced Tantric Dance dancer who enriches our group.

Total of €250,- for the whole season.
Payment in advance.

The group takes place in Amsterdam or Utrecht