Tantric Dance growth path

TD Starter / Beginner

Tantric Dance Experience & Tantric Dance Workshop
You will learn the basics of Tantric Dance through exercises and practical explanations. There is room for personal guidance and explanation.

Tantric Dance Celebration
Fun and playful way to get to know Tantric Dance. The TD workshop teaches you the basics in a short time, with mainly self-discovery. The evening ends with free dancing.

Tantric Dance Specials
Each edition there will be special attention to a certain topic of the Tantric Dance: TD Full Body, Winter Course, Boundaries, etc. There are also groups for special people: Young & Free (max 29 years), Ladies only, Couples only.

Tantric Dance Deepening-group
With a fixed group of dancers you enter a series/weekly program. Because of extra safety and space for sharing it will give more depth in your discovery.


Tantric Dance Advanced
This evening has a special theme and has extra elements to deepen the connection. Good TD Experience is required and setting your own boundaries.

Tantric Dance Masterclass
For peope that wish to get experience in the area of Kundalini energy and learn to dance with their energy-body.

Tantric Dance Intimi
After many years of TD you may enter this group where there is room for experiment, personal inquiry, sharing, reflecting and confrontation.