Tantric Dance Retreat

Tantric Dance - Yoga - Cocoa - Tantra

Unique opportunity to connect, dance and enjoy five days!

Connecting through dance   
We provide TD throughout NL, but now we can come together from all over the country and dance and connect with each other for longer. Every day you connect more deeply through the safe and warm group that we create with each other.
Even if you are not yet familiar with TD, you can start here.

The dance between the male and the female aspect in yourself. One directs the dance, the other receives and is blindfolded. By creating this polarity, you learn a lot about yourself: do you really dare to take leadership and can you let yourself go into surrender?
This is helpful in reaching your full potential and helps you learn to dance with life.
This retreat is for you if you:
* want to sharpen your leader and surrender quality
*wants to sink deep into the dance
* want to make shifts to more life energy and flow
*wants to clear your chakras
* want to experience a deep connection with yourself and others
During these days we experience the different aspects of Tantric Dance, breathwork, tantric exercises, yoga and a cocoa ceremony!

Rakesh (initiator of the TD) & Efriede will guide this retreat.
Gijs will do the cocoa ceremony and the food, and there will be yoga practice.

Arrival Sunday from 20:00
Mon 10:00 Start and introduction
Departure Friday 13:00

2 person rooms

Daily program
10:00 ~ Dance & Sharing
13:00 ~ Lunch
14:00 ~ Dance & other exercises
18:00 ~ Dinner
20:00 ~ Dance & evening program

Tantric Dance
Breathing exercises
Cocoa ceremony by Gijs
TD Technique
Kundalini & Sexual Energy
Chakra Dance

Vegetarian and partly Vegan by Gijs Adams.

€495 (early bird until 1st Jan)
€900 Couple ticket
Part payment also possible

Center for Meaning:
Brinkweg 2
8315 AA Luttelgeest