Rakesh Mijling

As a child I grew up in the Osho Commune. This has given a free view of life and laid a foundation for self-development. I received the name Rakesh in 1981 from Osho (Bagwhan) and have kept it ever since. The path of tantra has created enormous openness, sensitivity and acceptance. I would love to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained during my years of research.

My whole life has been a gradual expansion of consciousness. Accession to various meditations started at an early age. Great inner changes have taken place through initiations in Osho Meditations, Vipassana, Kriya Yoga, Advaita Vedante and Tantra. I feel most connected to Tantra. After years of tantra training, I can circulate energies that go beyond the body. Now I walk the path that creates deep openings and lets inner strength blossom.

Besides giving workshops, I am involved in consciousness related projects.

Elfriede van der Sanden

I have been on the path of awareness for about 10 years now. All my life I have been looking further: who am I, what am I doing here, what is this world?

At some point I discovered that we are so much more than our heads, that an infinitely mystical world exists alongside physical reality. This started my flame, and since then I have had an intense passion to light this flame with other people.
I do this in different ways, such as with Wild Hearts, which I also do with Rakesh, and with Tantric Dance.

The beauty of Tantric Dance is that it invites you to go to a place of total 'embodiment'. To a place where all words disappear, and there is only a movement that takes you: higher, deeper, softer, wilder ... ..

I have traveled a long way within Tantric Dance. At the beginning I didn't like it and even walked away. Later it made me realize that the fears I had back then were in fact fears for myself. Now I feel safe in contact, because I know that I take care of myself. Because I found empowerment IN the contact.

It is my wish to be "fully alive". With whatever there is: sadness, joy, love. That every feeling may be completely felt. That we don't have to make a story of it or keep something high. That head can take it easy, the body and heart open: a journey begins that never ends, the colors become more and more vibrant and one miracle creates the next!

I hope I can meet you too. Because we have so much to give each other. The veils are falling and we find out that we have been talking to ourselves all along. Welcome home!

Marita Mistar Damen

I have been dancing through life from my earliest childhood.
After practicing many forms of dance, I came into contact with Tantric Dance.
Through Tantric Dance I met the Goddess in me.
The woman who can seduce.
The mistress, the whore, the witch, the virgin, the mother. the Priestess.

All my passions came together; dance, relationships, sexuality, yoga and Tantra;
my drive to touch people, to set them in motion, to connect and to make them remember.
It was as if a gate was opened that gave access to my true nature.

Besides being a Tantric Dance teacher, I am also a yoga teacher and I give private Tantra sessions for couples.

Grateful that I can walk, live and share this Tantra path.
I would like to take you on this beautiful, wonderful path of deepening and connection!


Margreeth van Tilburg

I am a bon vivant, entrepreneur and mother of Noa, Sem and Evi. I have a passion for communication, photography, awareness, dancing (Kizomba and Tantric Dance) and travel.

From the first moment I came into contact with Tantric Dance I felt a yess!! Dancing, connection and awareness combined. How magical and special this is, every time.

I have been dancing from a young age and have always invested a lot in personal development & awareness since I was 18. Various training courses in this area, including mindfulness trainer, reiki, connecting communication, zen/vipassana meditation, connected breathing, systemic work. Tantra and Tantric Dance help me to let my life energy flow even more and to embrace my playful, sensual and passionate side. I think it's so beautiful how you get so beautiful mirrors in consciousness in connection with yourself and the other, in leading and following. On emotions what lives in you, on boundaries, on other triggers what is touched. Dancing with male and female polarity is so far reaching and empowers me with a flowing life energy. Just being, paying attention, moving along with the energy that arises in the connection and in the moment.

It gives me a lot of energy to let people shine in a relaxed way and to empower them.

As an entrepreneur I alternate various projects in communication/branding with coaching and inspiring women and young people in particular. In terms of their passion, talents, the different roles they have, their entrepreneurship, dreams and dare to show themselves powerfully (photo shoots). I have my own quiet place on Vlieland: Safaritent Vlieland for awareness, where I organize yoga by the sea, silent walks and retreats.


Pauline Bruins

I integrate dance, or call it body work, in my work as a coach and trainer to get people moving. I see dance as a safe space to experiment, to reflect and from there to take the insights into daily life. What I think is the most important thing is that you feel free to be yourself and that everything is allowed to be. Get out of your head and listen more to your intuition.

Since I can occasionally be a walking head on legs, dance is an ideal for me
means to reconnect with my body and feelings. But also to literally and figuratively take active steps and get moving. In dance you cannot avoid confrontation with yourself, patterns become tangible and visible. It doesn't work either
always about whether you understand it, but whether you move with it and can breathe in the flow of energy that is present. For me, dance is mind-expanding and liberating. The place where I can get in touch with the primal goddess in me, both in my leadership and surrender.

I like to see myself as a bridge builder, where I guide people to connect with their own core and to express this in (body) language and activities that suit them. And from here to connect with their environment. Increase their capabilities.
In my practice I now mainly focus on enterprising people who want to grow and get the best out of
want to achieve themselves and their company, where focus, leadership, creativity, connection and
communication are crucial.

Tantric Dance is a source of inspiration for me, the place to recharge and nourish myself. I would like to take you on this magical self-discovery journey and meet you on the dance floor!

Hein van den Heuvel

Tantric Dance for me is a personal quest, a journey of discovery and a challenging learning experience. Ultimately, it helps to get in even deeper contact with my body and the feelings that are evoked while dancing. With the additional result that what I learn can also be applied in daily life.

I find the enrichment in dancing “together” and the variety in “Following and Leiden”. I discovered that a component was added to my dance experience namely “the connection”!
I had missed this and now got thrown into my lap as an extra gift.

Tantric Dance has given me the confidence to do justice both as a “leader” and as a “follower” in the moment of the dance with a partner. Still every time I think, I know how it works, I discover new aspects in myself that I had not seen or encountered before.

Out of personal interest I have been involved for many years with the theoretical aspects of sexuality and intimacy. In order to be able to apply integral and transpersonal aspects of it in the “hands-on practitioner” practice, I have followed various workshops and training courses in the broad spectrum of Tantra over the past 20 years. I followed the training as a mentor surrogate partner therapy at the Love Academy. In addition, I have obtained various certificates, including that of Neo-Tantra masseur, in Reiki, Foot Reflexology, and Chi Neng Qigong.

Arjan van Elst

Arjan has been making music since he was 14. First with synthesizers and later the piano was added. Initially as a hobby, later, after a conservatory study, professionally as a piano teacher and performing musician.

Arjan has always had a great curiosity about the big questions of life. This is how he came into contact with shamanic ceremonies that have shown him many layers of consciousness.

After living abroad, he came into contact with Tantric Dance and was immediately drawn by the depth of this way of connecting. Arjan recognized many parallels with both music and shamanic work. For example, he recognized certain 'layers' that he encountered in the ceremonies while dancing. The many dances showed him where he was holding back, not going for what he really longed for. This especially came to the fore when he was leading the dance. Little by little he dared to show himself with his desires, opening doors that he had unconsciously closed himself.

TD Teacher Training graduates

Pauline Bruins (2022)
Arjan van Elst
Corina Elzenaar
Essie Rademakers
Sara Nuytemans
Martin Dudok van Heel
Nirmal Priti Kaur
Namaya Devi
Margreeth van Tilburg
Baukje Fortuijn
Ton Wijman
Debby Broersma
Marita Mistar Damen
Hein van den Heuvel (2020)
Katrin Dürkoop (2020)
Erik van Kammen (2020)
Inge Kramp (2020)

Former TD Teachers (trained)

Hans Smits
Rens Meijkamp

Nounya Aynoun
Cindy Bucher
Esther Janssen
Marcia Sanders (Co-Founder)

Endorsed TD Teachers (un-trained)

Alexa Mira (Temple of the Tantric Arts)
Michael Heer (Tantric Moves)
Marelde Jensma (Tantric Moves)
Han Sapundra (Body2Chill)

Self Proclaimed TD Teachers

Inge Prins
Debbie von Hevel
Donate Gerdes
Corina Arends
Bart-Jan Dokter (Play!)
Marigna Franzani
Inge Prins
 Zdenka (Satya Simran Kaur)
Rob de Graaf (RDGM)