Tantric Dance deepening course

How nice that you are here on the page of the Tantric Dance deepening group. That means you love Tantric Dance, but did you know that Tantric Dance can also be deeply transformative? Tantric Dance is like a dance of life that shows you exactly where your life energy and strength is and where you can allow it even more.
TD Verdiepingsgroep
The setup of Tantric Dance Deepening Group
In the TD deepening group we dance with a fixed group of dancers. You can find experiences of participants below.

This group is for you if you:
Want to live your full potential
  • Want a clear view of your patterns that keep you from this.
  • Want to fully inhabit your body and let your life energy flow freely.
  • It is exciting and still chooses to face everything you encounter, both pain and pure bliss.
Do you feel it tingling? Wondering what Tantric Dance can do for you?
Let us know why you think this group is for you and what you would like to discover or learn. We will then immediately make an appointment for a trial dance. In this dance we like to meet you and feel if you have a sense of leading and following in the dance.


TD Deepening Group Rotterdam
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“deze Verdiepingsgroep heeft mij gebracht dat ik écht voel wie ik ben, mijn Essentie, mijn bron en dat werkt door in mijn dagelijks leven. Ik haal nu veel meer uit mezelf en volg mijn energiestroom.”

De Verdiepingsgroep was de enige plek waar ik met mijn eigen seksuele energie en speelsheid kon experimenteren, zonder dat ik me schuldig hoefde te voelen. Wat een bevrijding!”


Deepening Utrecht

DATA Verdieping Utrecht
9 zondagen 14:00-17:00
Facebook Event
10 en 24 sept
8 en 22 okt
5 en 19 nov
3 en 17 dec
14 jan

DATA Verdieping Utrecht
9 zondagen 14:00-17:00
FaceBook event
28 jan
11 en 25 feb
10 en 24 maart
7 en 21 april
19 mei
2 juni



Deepening Amsterdam


DATA Verdieping Amsterdam
9 donderdagavonden 19:30 - 22:00
FaceBook event
21 september start
5 en 19 oktober
2 en 16 november
30 november
14 en 28 december
11 januari
FaceBook Event

DATA Verdieping Amsterdam
9 donderdagavonden 19:30 - 22:00
FaceBook Event
25 januari start
8 februari
7 en 21 maart
4 en 18 april
16 en 30 mei
13 juni



Do you now feel a Yes, then sign up immediately and if you still have a question, we would like to hear it.

We look forward to you and look forward to it.