Tantric Dance is aboutconnectingtrustingguidinginvitingreleasingfreeinglovingtouchingliberatingfeelingempoweringgroundingcenteringfloweringsensinghonoringseeingshiningexploring

Liberate yourself to your essence

Five Tantric Dance tips


1. "Center" yourself

Before you start connecting with others, it is very important that you feel good in your own center. That means you have consciousness at the center of your own energy. This center is located in your stomach, also called the 'hara'. This is a magical and powerful place, where your primal power is located. This is where our body has started growing in the womb. This place is also called "the second set of brains". There is a wisdom deeper than our thinking. Breathe deeply into your stomach, and feel the "being at home" there. Especially before a dance starts, you make conscious contact with this place, but it is also important to take this place as an anchor point while dancing.


2. Breathe

Breath is very important in Tantric Dance. The breath can catch everything. If you find it exciting, breathe through it. Making noise is also very helpful; this keeps your energy moving. What often happens is that people hold their breath when they find it exciting; however, this also locks the energy. By consciously breathing deeply, you can transform tensions into strength. If you lead the dance, you can also help the recipient to breathe deeply, by putting the breathing in firmly.


3. Be light in receiving

I often see that people get heavy when they start receiving. In that way it is difficult to really form a dance. Feel as light as a feather, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground at the same time. A feather finishes the movement of the wind. Maybe you also complete a movement, this is completely fine, this gives an extra dimension to the dance. You do not have your own initiative while receiving, but receiving deeply means to finish the movement indicated by the leader until you receive a new stimulus.


4. Let your body take over

A Tantric Dance is always a new adventure. And this adventure can go as deep as you want. Do you really dare to open up to your body and let go of 'doing good'? Our body has enormous wisdom. We are the ones with our thoughts that often put all kinds of unnecessary inhibitions and judgments on it. Your body knows where to go, what to do. When you receive, you open yourself and listen deeply, when you send your body knows the way. It may be that all kinds of thoughts are reviewed: "does the other person like it?" Etc. Do not try to get rid of these thoughts, but just let them come and go: observe them.


5. Let everything be there

We have often learned that certain things may be there, and others may not. "Do not cry," you often hear parents say to their children. We often unconsciously lock our emotions. But then these emotions linger in our body and something "freezes" there. The Tantric Dance is all about getting our energy flowing again and inviting everything that comes up. This can be nice and pleasant, but it can also feel unwanted and annoying. This is completely ok !! Breathe in those feelings, and dance with them. Give it space. Welcome it. These moments, that's what it's all about, this is your moment of transformation. We offer a place where you can cry, laugh, have fun and be angry. I hope the Tantric Dance inspires you to see life as dance, as a dance between the masculine and feminine. That we will feel when we can surrender, and also when we can firmly take the lead.

Let the evenings or workshops provide an insight into who you are, how you relate to life and what your patterns are. We invite you to play with this and tip the unknown water with a toe. Maybe there will come a time when you dare to jump into the water without looking. And I tell you: the water is delicious!


© Elfriede van der Sanden