Tantric Dance is aboutconnectingtrustingguidinginvitingreleasingfreeinglovingtouchingliberatingfeelingempoweringgroundingcenteringfloweringsensinghonoringseeingshiningexploring

Liberate yourself to your essence

Beyond Dark & Light

This can be fun, and it can be less fun. In short: dark and light. Just like life. Life isn't just fun, either. One color does not exist without the other. Many people (unconsciously) are busy "trying to have fun". As a result, masks are put on and repressed feelings are suppressed. The paradox is that it makes you feel bad, but suppressing and "faking" causes your body to carry all these unwanted feelings.


We can't fake the body. The Tantric Dance invites everything, fine and less pleasant feelings. There will be space that embraces everything.

It can be overwhelming when you really open yourself up for the first time to really feel everything, it can feel like an area that seems dangerous. But this is precisely where the growth lies. Here we invite you to breathe and exercise. Here lies the possibility of liberation. Dancing with everything there is, that's the intention. By learning to dance with, for example, anger or sadness, you will notice that these feelings are actually a raw material for more energy. Suppressing or tucking "in itself" is the problem. The feelings are not condemned by the body, they just want to flow. The trick is not to make a story of it, but to allow the feeling completely. Let the tears flow if they want to flow, let that evil cry out if it wants to come ... We create a place where you are safe to feel everything. Dark and light.

In this way you cultivate a capacity, through which all life can flow, and where everything is experienced as a pure life force. Welcome!


© Elfriede van der Sanden