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Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Energy

When you experience this for the first time, it takes a little getting used to, where you bring your attention and so much is happening around you. But you discover that you can experience your body quite quickly through the exercises we do. We keep it simple and direct, that is our strength.

KundaliniBodyIf you are already further in your experience with tantra and Kundalini energy, it is also good to go back into your body. Forget all theories and methodologies, move with the energy you feel in your body. Something wonderful can happen through breath, attention and intention, you can come into contact with an energy that has always been present in your body. Due to our daily activities, we do not focus on this and everything moves without you noticing. KundaliniBody The way we deal with Art of Loving is not to manipulate or direct the Kundalini stream. Through dance and practice we clear the way for this energy, so that it can flow more powerfully in the chakras whenever it wants.


KundaliniStafThere is a lot of curiosity about Kundalini energy, it is something we would like to have flowing properly in our body. When your kundalini energy freely moves up and down through your 'spine' (Sushumna) you come to your unique strength, self-healing capacity, extraordinary perception and your life path aligns with the universe. Enough reasons to be busy with this and dedicate yourself to this. Kundalini Staff When you shift your focus from your career, prestige, money or entertainment to how you can get an optimal system, you have already gone through quite a development. But here too there is still a pitfall to overcome. Of course we prefer to focus our attention on all the beauty that we can obtain in the spiritual journey. But right here your focus on Kundalini energy can become an obstacle with (all) your desire (s), there is nothing wrong with having a desire. But how do you deal with this desire not being satisfied? Or when you feel you've made a big step, what does this do to you?


In our view, the focus should be on the chakras and especially the chakras where you feel little flow. Once highly sensitive you can also bring your attention to the energy flow between the chakras (sun and moon channels) or Kundalini. But focus on dancing with your own energy, get to know it as an intimate lover. How can I seduce it to more flow, to an opening movement, to unrestrained free energy.


So much can get in the way of free flow. It can be something that has long been hidden in your body or something that plays up in your life. The beauty of the dance is that all your beliefs, concepts and other limiting thoughts come to the background. The dance shows everything to yourself, where the energy does or does not flow, what your inhibitions are, how you breathe in difficult moments, what your desires and patterns are. But especially the unexposed pieces, when you become attentive you get space for the unseen; that which the body still carries within itself but which is not yet in your consciousness. This research game paves the way for Kundalini energy to flow. Aligning your full potential of this life with all facets. Both the fine and the less fine, without preference or disapproval, dancing with everything that life brings you.



Kundalini is the energy that flows between heaven and earth. You are the conductor between the material, the earthly and you bring it in contact through your body with the higher, the heavenly. The less your personality is in between, the more space you give to the universal life energy that flows effortlessly. With an active, curious and open attitude, a wonderful journey can unfold, in which Kundalini energy is something that is already happening in the background. Let this be an invitation to bring it to your attention without focusing on it. Sometimes you will feel a warm liquid glow that brings you into contact with an unprecedented amount of energy, love, peace or spirit. And other times you experience or nothing happens, be with it, dance with it and imagine nothing. It is an examination of life itself, with good physical grounding and mental foundation there is enormous potential.


© Rakesh Mijling